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John Deere Z735E ZTrak™ Zero Turn Mower

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  • 25-hp (18.6 kW)*, 810 cc engine
  • 60-in. High-capacity PRO mower deck with welded deck reinforcements
  • 21-in. seat with adjustable springs for extra comfort
  • Adjustable, 3-position foot platform
Z735E ZTrak™ Zero Turn Mower
Sale Type
John Deere
Overhead valve
25 hp 18.6 kW
12 V 340 CCA
Fuel Gauge
Fuel level sight line
Drive Tires
23X10.5-12 (60-in. decks)
Full pressure with replaceable filter, capacity, 2 U.S. qt 1.9 L
49.4 cu in. 810 cc
Engine Power
25 hp 18.6 kW
Model Number
M49 810CC SSC
Width Of Cut
48 in. 122 cm 54 in. 137 cm 60 in. 152 cm
Forward Speed
0-8 mph 0-12.8 km/h
U.S. Warranty
4 year/500 hour bumper-to-bumper* (*Term limited to years or hours used, whichever comes first, and varies by model. See the LIMITED WARRANTY FOR NEW JOHN DEERE TURF AND UTILITY EQUIPMENT at or for details.)
Cooling Method
Mulching System
Optional MulchControl™ attachment
Seat Back Height
High back with adjustable armrests, 21 in. 53 cm
Front Caster Tires
Fuel Tank Capacity
8 U.S. gal. 30.2 L
Choke/speed Control
Separate control levers
Engine Model Number
M49 810CC SSC

Smooth and powerful V-twin engine for performance and long life 946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shown

Key engine features:

  • 23 hp (17.2 kW) provides plenty of power.
  • Large 44.3-cu in. (726-cc) displacement provides excellent torque.
  • V-twin, 90-degree cylinder design allows for easy starts, excellent power and performance, and smooth operation.
  • Engine model is FR691V.
  • Many quality features are included.
    • Cast-iron cylinder liners provide a long-wearing surface for longer engine life.
    • Overhead V-valves allow the engine to breathe easily for excellent power and fuel economy.
    • Automatic compression release provides easy starting.
    • Internally vented carburetor maintains proper fuel mixture and minimizes emissions.
    • Fuel shutoff solenoid stops excess fuel from entering the exhaust system and causing after bang upon shut down
  • Full-pressure lubrication system provides plenty of oil to the engine’s moving parts to ensure reliable operation and long life:
    • No-tools oil drain is convenient to use.
    • A flexible drain tube can be placed above a drain pan to eliminate oil spills.
    • Replaceable oil filter keeps the oil cleaner for a longer engine life and extends the time between oil changes.
  • A rotating metal grass chopper screen helps keep the engine fins clean by filtering out debris and reducing the size of material that gets through so it will pass harmlessly past the engine fins.
    • The guard keeps out large pieces of debris and provides protection from the rotating fan.

946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownEngine oil check/fill and drain tube
946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownEngine debris chopper fan guard
  • The air filter system thoroughly cleans the engine intake air.
    • Cover flips up for easy filter service.
  • Electronic ignition contributes to fast starts.
946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownEasy service flip-up air filter cover
946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownReplaceable air filter element
  • A rear engine guard protects the engine and provides additional vehicle strength and integrity.
  • A flywheel alternator provides plenty of capacity to quickly recharge the battery and power electrical equipment, such as lights.
    • 20-amp capacity
    • Regulated to keep the battery at a full charge without risk of overcharging  

946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownJohn Deere recommends the use of fuel stabilizer in gasoline. See Fuel-Protect for gasoline engines (8 oz [237 mL]) for more information.

High-capacity (HC) PRO Mower Decks offer superior cut quality and versatility

Each Z700 Series ZTrak™ Mower is equipped with either a 48-in. (122-cm), 54-in. (137-cm), or 60-in. (152-cm) HC PRO Mower Deck.

Mower/vehicle compatibility


High-capacity (HC) mower deck ZTrak model
  Z720E Z735E Z730M Z735M Z740R Z740R with Tweel® tire technology
48-in. (122-cm) High-capacity PRO X     X X  
54-in. (137-cm) High-capacity PRO X   X X X X*
60-in. (152-cm) High-capacity PRO X X X X X X*

*Not compatible with material collection system (MCS)

Coulter gang sizing residueZ720E with 54-in. (137-cm) HC PRO Mower Deck
Coulter gang sizing residueZ735M with 60-in. (152-cm) HC PRO Mower Deck
Deep deck design

The mower deck has a deep-deck design:

  • Constructed from heavy, 9-gauge, 0.15-in. (3.8-mm) steel.
    • Minimizes the number of welds required
    • Has a smooth underside for reduced material buildup
  • Deep-deck design delivers excellent airflow, so large volumes of material can be processed quickly and efficiently.
  • A wider and higher discharge opening provides even clipping dispersal for an excellent finished appearance in all conditions.
  • A durable plastic deflector spreads grass clippings evenly across the lawn, is hinged, and can be raised to minimize the storage space required.
  • 1-in. (25.4-mm) cold-forged spindles are heat-treated for strength and are supported by ball bearings.
  • Standard front rollers and two double-captured wheels provide a more even mowing job and reduce the chance of scalping.
    • Adjustable for different mowing heights
  • The front edge is raised above the blade plane to allow for even cutting of tall grass.
  • Blade overlap is greater than many conventional decks for a clean cut.
  • The mower can side-discharge, mulch, or collect material, except a Z740R equipped with Tweel tires is not compatible with a material collection system.
Coulter gang sizing residueDeep, flat-top deck
Coulter gang sizing residueDeep-deck mower design
Coulter gang sizing residue Step weldment

A permanent step weldment is located at the left front corner of the mower deck:

  • Encourages proper entry to the operator station
  • Provides a good gripping surface for the operator’s foot
Reinforced leading edge

Steel reinforcing bars are welded to the front edge and trim side of the mower deck:

  • Strengthens the deck to reduce chance of damage from obstructions
  • Increased material thickness for longer life of the deck
Coulter gang sizing residueReinforced leading edge of mower deck
Coulter gang sizing residueTrim side of mower reinforcement/wear bar
Optional MulchControl™ attachment

The MulchControl attachment makes mulching more practical for many mowing situations because it not only does an excellent job of mulching but it also allows the mower to be easily converted for times when it is more desirable to side discharge or collect the lawn material.

Advantages of mulching grass clippings include:

  • A beautiful looking lawn
  • Grass clippings not blown onto the operator, driveways, or flower beds
  • Less fertilizer use
  • Elimination of the effort needed to dispose of clippings
Operator station is designed for comfort and convenience

The operator station is designed for operator comfort and convenience in operating all controls:

  • Excellent visibility forward and to the trim side of the deck makes operation easy and comfortable for the operator.
  • Controls are color coded for easy identification.
  • Twin-lever motion-control levers adjust, using cut-height pin/socket, for convenience and operator comfort.
  • Shock absorbers dampen control movements to give smooth operation.

Spindle pocket How MulchControl works

MulchControl is an innovative, simple design that is easy to use and maintain:

  • The MulchControl attachment includes baffles to control the flow of material under the deck.
    • The left mower blade area is completely enclosed and optimized for mulching and will mulch even when the mower is in the side-discharge mode.
    • Baffles around the center and right blades are optimized for mulching when the discharge baffle is closed.
  • The attachment also includes mulching blades.



Optional 6.5-bu (229-L) ZTrak Z700 Series MCS

The 6.5-bu (230-L) rear bagger efficiently collects material from a 48-, 54-, or 60-in. (122-, 137-, or 152-cm) Mower Deck:

  • Hopper, attachment bar/bumper, Power Flow™ blower, and chute components are ordered separately to make a complete MCS.
  • A weight bracket and four 18-lb (8.2-kg) weights are included for installation on the front of the vehicle to help counterbalance the weight of the hopper. For proper ballast with complete MCS:
    • Four weights are required on a ZTrak Z700 Series equipped with a 48-in. (122-cm) Mower Deck.
    • Three weights are required on a ZTrak Z700 Series equipped with a 54-in. (137-cm) Mower Deck.
    • Two weights are required on a ZTrak Z700 Series equipped with a 60-in. (152-cm) Mower Deck.

Spindle pocket6.5-bu (230-L) hopper and included weights (chute, blower and attachment bar sold separately)
Spindle pocket6.5-bu (230-L) rear hopper, chute, attachment bar, and blower
MulchControl handle is used to control baffle

The MulchControl handle is located on top of the mower deck and used to open and close the discharge baffle:

  • The operator is required to get off of the machine in order to engage or disengage mulch mode.
  • MulchControl is well suited to the following mowing situations:
    • Operators who usually mulch, but side-discharge when grass gets too long
    • Operators who usually side discharge, but would like to be able to close the chute to control clippings
    • Operators who always mulch a main lawn, but often side discharge secondary lawns
    • Operators who bag clippings, but want to go farther before emptying bags

MulchControl puts the operator in control of the clippings. The operator can have all the benefits of mulching with the ability to easily change to side-discharge or bagging when needed.

Spindle pocketMulchControl baffle closed
Spindle pocketMulchControl handle in closed position

MulchControl limitations

While in the side-discharge mode, MulchControl will still mulch about one third of the material. Therefore, the side-discharge mode is essentially a partial-mulch mode. This can be an advantage when side discharging or bagging, as it helps to reduce the amount of material being discharged. Other times this could work as a disadvantage:

  • When cutting strong southern grasses, such as Zoysia and Bermuda
  • When cutting in wet, high-growth conditions, such as those found in the Pacific Northwest United States
  • When optimum bagging and lawn clean-up is desired

MulchControl is a field-installed attachment and compatible with the 48-in. (122-cm), 54-in. (137-cm), and 60-in. (152-cm) HC PRO Mower Decks available for the Z700 Series ZTrak Mowers.



 6.5 bu (230 L)



   Hopper top

 High impact polypropylene



   Blower housing



 Ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene




 Directly into bags for emptying on ground or in trailer or into plastic liners

Fan diameter

 13 in. (33 cm)

Fan width

 2.75 in. (7 cm)

Number of fan blades


NOTE: MulchControl attachments and MCS components are not included in base equipment for a Z700 Series ZTrak machine and must be ordered separately.

Tweel is a trademark of Michelin North America, Inc.

The hopper design provides efficient bagging performance, clean operation, and easy-to-empty bags:

  • Two durable bags give a generous, 6.5-bu (230-L) capacity.
  • The bags lift out for easy emptying.
  • An efficient chute provides a smooth flow of material to reduce the chance of plugging.
    • The chute and Power Flow blower must be ordered separately.
  • Standard mower blades are used for bagging.
  • The air exhaust duct directs air from the hopper back and toward the ground for clean operation.
  • Convenient latch makes opening and closing the hopper easy.

NOTE: Appropriate hopper, Power Flow blower, chute, and attachment bar are required and ordered separately.

Spindle pocketRemoving bag from 6.5-bu (230-L) hopper
  Spindle pocketRemoving bag from 6.5-bu (230-L) hopper
Operator station is adjustable for superior comfort

The operator station is designed to provide superior operator comfort for many different operators:

  • Adjustable foot platform
    • Ample legroom for comfortable operation
  • Adjustable seat position, armrests, and suspension to suit many operators
    • Dialed in for operator height and weight
  • Adjustable motion-control levers
    • Upper and lower positioning combined with forward and rearward tilt offers more legroom and hand positions

Adjustable foot platform

The patent-pending, adjustable three-position toe board allows any operator to quickly adjust the footrest position for greatest comfort:

  • Easily and without tools, each operator can adjust the location of the footrest area to the most suitable position.
    • Adjustment range of 2 in. (5.1 cm)
  • Large operator platform allows a wide range of foot positions.
Spindle pocketAdjustable foot platform
Spindle pocketLarge foot platform
Adjustable seat

A deep, padded seat combined with adjustable armrests, adjustable fore/aft position, and adjustable suspension springs optimizes comfort for the operator:

  • High-back, 21-in. (53.3-cm) seat comes with adjustable armrests and 4-in. (10.2-cm) fore-aft adjustment.
  • Seat-adjustment lever is located at the front edge of the seat for easy use by the operator while seated.
Spindle pocketSeat with adjustable armrests
  Spindle pocketFore-aft seat adjustment lever

Spindle pocketThe seat is securely held down for operator comfort and safety, but is easy to raise when necessary:

  • A spring-loaded latch locks seat down when it is lowered.
  • The seat is easy to release and raise to access adjustable seat springs.

Additional information about the seat is available at: High-quality seat with adjustable springs and armrests for extra comfort

Adjustable steering levers
Adjustable steering levers are shaped for operator comfort and ease of controlling vehicle speed and direction.
Spindle pocketSteering levers in use
Spindle pocketSteering levers, shown in operation position
The steering levers offer 18 different positions to accommodate operator preference for hand placement and leg clearance.
Spindle pocketSteering lever height adjustment, low
Spindle pocketSteering lever height adjustment, high
Cup holder and storage compartment

Operator convenience is provided with easy-to-reach deluxe cup holder and storage areas.

  • Cup holder includes room for a cup with a large handle.
  • Covered storage under the battery access panel provides protection for important items.
Spindle pocketDeluxe cup holder with provision for cup handle
Spindle pocketProtected storage shown with battery cover removed