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John Deere S220 Lawn Tractor

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  • 22 HP* powerful V-Twin Engine
  • 42-in. (107-cm) Accel Deep™ Deck with optional MulchControl™ kit
  • Cool and comfortable 15-in (38-cm) open-back seat
  • Side-by-side forward and reverse pedals
  • 3-year/200-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty
S220 Lawn Tractor
Sale Type
John Deere
Engine Size
45 in.
V-twin, cast-iron liners
48.9 in.
Fuel Gauge
Mechanical, viewable from seat
Oil Change
No-tools oil drain with replaceable filter
Air Cleaner
Pleated paper cartridge filter with poly pre-filter
Engine Power
22 hp
Fuel Delivery
Pulse pump and carburetor
Cooling Method
Overall Length
75.1 in.
Transaxle Type
TLT200 hydrostatic, two-wheel drive
Lift System Type
Spring-assisted hand-grip lever
Transaxle Control
Side-by-side pedals
Choke/speed Control
Separate levers, automatic choke return

Cyclonic V-twin engine is smooth running and powerful

#The 22-hp (16.4-kW) V-twin engine used in the S220 Tractor provides plenty of power and torque to handle tough mulching, mowing, and bagging conditions:

  • V-twin cylinder design for greater torque, lower vibration, and improved sound quality
  • Large, 44.2-cu in. (724-cc) displacement
    • Plenty of torque helps to get the job done fast.
    • Large displacement engine increases the ability to get an even cut without mowing a second time.
    • Camshaft and carburetor designs create the optimum torque rise for rapid response to varying load conditions.
  • Electronic ignition for fast starts
  • Cast-iron sleeves for longer engine life
  • Overhead valves for excellent power and fuel economy
  • Full-pressure lubrication and oil filter for keeping the oil cleaner for a long engine life and extending the time between oil changes; full-pressure lubrication is also more effective when operating the tractor on an incline
  • Excellent serviceability with easily replaced air filter, fuel filter, and oil filter and a convenient oil-drain hose to make draining the oil easy and clean
#Cyclonic air filter

Cyclonic air-management system removes larger particles of dirt before they reach the air filter for reduced filter maintenance and longer engine life:

  • Cyclonic design ejects large dirt particles before they make contact with the filter.
  • Large, high-quality dry-type paper element air filter thoroughly cleans engine intake air.
  • The cover over the air filter is easily removed with two knobs for cleaning or replacement of the filter.

Serviceability #

The engine oil check and fill tube are conveniently located for easy access. An oil drain hose makes draining oil easy and clean.

Flywheel alternator

A flywheel alternator provides plenty of capacity to quickly recharge the battery and power electrical equipment, such as lights or a sprayer:

  • 14-amp charging capacity
  • Regulated to keep the battery at full charge without risk of overcharging

Fuel tank#

  • The capacity is 2.4 U.S. gal. (9.1 L).
  • The fuel filler opening is conveniently located under the seat.
    • Filling the tank without spilling is easy.
    • A tethered fuel tank cap is more convenient.
    • The sealed fuel cap helps keep vapors inside the tank.

42-in. (107-cm) Accel Deep™ (42A) Mower Deck cuts clean and is versatile#

The 42-in. (107-cm) Accel Deep mower deck is a stamped-steel, deep, flat-top design that delivers excellent cut quality, productivity, cleanliness, durability, and versatility. Optimal performance and dispersion of clippings is provided, even at faster mowing speeds or in tall grass:

  • 4.97-in. (12.6-cm) depth throughout the entire deck shell for optimum mowing, mulching, and bagging performance
    • Optional MulchControl™ attachment provides superior mulching performance and versatility
  • Stamped-steel design eliminates sharp edges and corners where material can build up and diminish mowing performance
  • Mower deck suspended from the vehicle for a smooth and level cut
    • Adjustable mower wheels, positioned just above ground level, for reduced scalping
  • 0.25-in. (6.4-mm) cut-height increments allow the mower to be set at the desired cut height
  • Compatible with efficient 6.5-bu (229-L) two-bag material collection system

Excellent cut quality #

Deep mower-deck stamping gives excellent cut quality. It allows the cut and suspended material room to exit the deck without getting recut:

  • Reducing the amount of re-cutting enables more power to be used to cut incoming grass, which greatly improves mower capacity.
    • Helps maintain excellent cut quality at faster mowing speeds
  • Clean flow of material out of discharge area prevents cut material from interfering with cutting the incoming grass, making it possible for the blades to cut incoming material cleanly.
  • Even in mulching mode, cut evenness is improved compared to other designs because the additional depth allows for continuous circulation, optimal re-cutting, and an even distribution of clippings.

Productivity - gets the job done fast #

Deep mower-deck stamping gives high productivity, which gets the job done fast. It allows the cut and suspended material room to exit the deck quickly, reducing the amount of re-cutting so more power is available to process incoming grass:

  • Greatly improves mowers capacity to maintain excellent mowing performance in difficult mowing conditions and at higher speeds

Large discharge opening is both high and wide to handle more material:

  • Gives a smooth, even discharge of clippings at all mowing speeds
  • Reduces the chance of plugging, especially important when operating in wet, thick, or dense grass and when bagging
  • Cut-and-throw chute has a large, optimized inlet which aids in collecting material by using airflow from the large deck opening

#Cleanliness - for the mower and the operator

The flat-top shape of the deck stamping is optimal for keeping itself and the operator clean:

  • There are few places to catch and hold material on top and underneath the deck.
    • Top of deck stays cleaner, reducing time and effort needed for cleaning and service
    • Underside of deck is self-cleaning to maintain optimum performance without buildup of material to interfere with the flow of air and clippings
    • Less need to clean and remove buildup of material from underside deck
  • The depth of the Accel Deep mower deck minimizes the amount of material that escapes from the front of the deck
    • Limited amount of material to drift onto the operator and mower deck
    • Even flow of material discharged out the chute, less re-cutting results in larger pieces that are less likely to end up on the operator
    • Mulching prevents the discharge of material completely and a MulchControl attachment makes mulching a practical solution for most mowing situations.

Cleaning a mower deck, both top and bottom, is one of the most frequent maintenance activities:

  • The flat-top design reduces places for material to build up and makes material that does collect easy to remove.

Optional bagger #

An optional 6.5-bu (229-L) cut-and-throw rear bagger material collection system (MCS) is available and comes with bagging blades. Special blades are not required but they can be installed for enhanced performance.

The bagger provides an efficient means of collecting grass clippings and leaves. It can be set up without tools in minutes and has easy-to-empty bags.

Seeded fields photo Mower blades

High-lift bagging blades are included with the bagger chute. They provide optimum performance when bagging in difficult conditions, such as when the grass is moist, dense, or long:

  • High-lift bagging blades also work well when side discharging material.

Mulching blades are included with the MulchControl attachment. They can be used for mulching, side discharging, and bagging in most conditions.


MulchControl™ attachment available for superior mulching performance and versatilitySectionCommand components as seen on back side of meter

An advantage of having an Accel Deep mower deck is compatibility with the optional MulchControl attachment, which makes mulching more practical.

Advantages of mulching grass clippings include:

  • Creates a beautiful looking lawn
  • Smaller grass clippings fall into the lawn canopy rather than lie on top
  • Reduces the need for fertilizer
  • Grass clippings are not blown onto the operator, driveways, or flower beds
  • No need to dispose of bags of clippings

After it is installed and configured, the MulchControl attachment also has a handy feature where simple flips of a lever can:

  • Change between side-discharge and mulching modes
  • Change between bagging and mulching modes
SectionCommand components as seen on back side of meter

How MulchControl works

NOTE: Optional front center rollers are shown in 48-in. (122-cm) mower deck photos.

MulchControl is an innovative, simple design that is easy to use and maintain. The MulchControl attachment includes baffles that control the flow of clippings material under the deck:

  • The baffles contain the clippings in a smaller space so the mower blades chop them multiple times. The baffles’ dimensions are designed to accommodate the mulching and discharge modes.
  • When the baffle gate is closed, the material stays under the deck and gets chopped into mulch that falls into the turf.
  • When the baffle gate is open, clippings material is passed out the side discharge opening.
MulchControl compatibility

There is an appropriate MulchControl attachment available for each Accel Deep mower deck type.

Mulching blades are included with each MulchControl attachment. They can be used for mulching, side discharging, and bagging in most conditions.

Hydrostatic/automatic drive transmission gives an infinite choice of ground speeds SectionCommand components as seen on back side of meter

A Kanzaki® Tuff Torq® hydrostatic transmission gives an infinite choice of speeds and makes changing the direction of travel easy.

Side-by-side foot pedals control the speed and direction of travel:

  • Automotive-type accelerator controls ensure easy operation.
  • The operator can change direction without lifting foot off the platform.
  • A large pedal surface gives superior operator comfort.

SectionCommand components as seen on back side of meterSnow removal is a strength of lawn tractors

An advantage of lawn tractors is their ability to use equipment for snow removal. Lawn tractor owners can add a John Deere snow blower or front blade to make quick work of moving snow whenever the need arises. Weather enclosure and tire-chain attachments add comfort and performance.

Equipment available for snow removal includes:

  • 44-in. (112-cm) Snow Blower
  • 46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade
  • Tire chains or TerraGrip traction belts
  • Weather enclosure
  • Weights

SectionCommand components as seen on back side of meterFull-length, welded-steel frame and cast-iron front axle for reliability

The solid one-piece frame is constructed of 12-gauge, 0.105-in. (2.7-mm) steel:

  • Full-length robotically welded frame design has high-strength steel rails for added strength and long life.
  • One-piece steel fender deck is bolted to the frame.

SectionCommand components as seen on back side of meterCast-iron front axle does not bend

The front axle is constructed of solid cast iron that will not bend:

  • Automotive-like steering system with sector-and-pinion steering gears and single drag link and tie rod provides a very strong, low-effort, and tight-turning system.
  • Grease fittings allow regular lubrication to help maintain easy steering and minimize wear.
  • Large, 0.75-in. (19-mm) diameter wheel spindles provide excellent durability.

SectionCommand components as seen on back side of meterFront bumper protects the tractor

The front bumper provides additional front-end protection and attractive, bold style.

Operator station designed for operator comfort and convenience SectionCommand components as seen on back side of meter

The operator station is designed for operator comfort and easy operation:

  • Controls are positioned where they are easy to reach and use to control the tractor.
  • The steering wheel is positioned and angled to give the operator plenty of room and steering comfort.
  • The seat is positioned to provide the most comfortable operator position