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John Deere LS11 Series3-Point Mounted Sprayers

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LS11 Series 3-Point Mounted Sprayers

  • Working width from 25-ft. to 45-ft. (7.62. to 13.72 m)
  • 2 tank options – 250- or 300-gallon (946.4 or 1135.6 l)
  • Fully-integrated parking stand with built-in pallet fork pockets
  • Category 2 and 3 quick coupler compatible

946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownA versatile sprayer to increase performance and reduce cost
Choose between 946.4-L or 1135.6-L (250-gal. or 300-gal.) tank
Choose which tank size best fits the area needing sprayed and the producer’s current tractor.
946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownChoose between hydraulic or power take-off (PTO) pump
The hydraulic 75-204 pump comes standard on the LS1145 model and has a 102.2-L/min (27-gpm) flow. There is also an option to choose a hydraulic 150-206 pump with the LS1145.

946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownPTO pump shown

The six-roller PTO pump has a 79.5-L (21-gpm) flow and comes standard on the LS1125, LS1130, LS1130BL, and LS1140.
Choose between single nozzle body or triple nozzle body on 12.2-m (40-ft) boom
Single nozzle bodies come standard on all units. Producers can upgrade to a triple nozzle body for increased accuracy and the ability to quickly change between chemicals.
946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownSingle nozzle body
946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownTriple nozzle body
Booms built to help reduce repair costs
All models, except the LS1145, fold and unfold manually. Simply remove a pin and swing the arms out, then extend the outermost edge of the boom. The LS1145 hydraulically folds and unfolds, allowing the operator to stay in the cab.
946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownManual fold/unfold on LS1130
946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownHydraulic fold/unfold on LS1145
946.4-L (250-gal.) tank shownBreakaway booms
The boom has a hinge that allows it to break away instead of damaging crucial components when inadvertently hitting an obstacle.
Wet booms

The boom utilizes a stainless-steel pipe, instead of multiple hoses, for product distribution. This configuration leads to fewer parts, less chance of product trapped in the lines, and a reduced pressure drop.
Gas cylinder on manual-fold booms

The gas cylinder provides an ergonomic and safe mechanism that shortens manual folding and unfolding time.
Coulter gang sizing residue Consistent and accurate placement of chemical
Raven SCS 450™ Controller
The Raven SCS 450 Controller automatically controls up to five sections (including two fenceline nozzles) of the boom depending on the speed of the tractor.

NOTE: The Raven SCS 450 option is available on LS1140 and LS1145 models only.
Coulter gang sizing residue Texas Industrial Remcor console
The Texas Industrial Remcor console manually controls three separate sections of the boom. It is available in base on all LS11 models.
Foam markers
Prevent crop damage and inability to control weeds due to skips and overlap by visualizing the placement of chemicals with foam markers.

SCS 450 is a trademark of Raven Industries Incorporated.
Coulter gang sizing residueFoam marker
Coulter gang sizing residueFoam marker solution tank
Coulter gang sizing residue
Designed for quick hook up, movement, or loading of sprayer
The sprayer has an integrated parking stand and fork pockets to make hook up and movement of the sprayer quick and easy. It is Category 2 and 3 quick-hitch compatible.
Coulter gang sizing residueTeardrop-shaped tank allows for quick clean-up
The shape of the tank allows the liquid inside the tank to completely drain out, making it faster to switch from one chemical to the next, or prepare for storage.


LS11 Series3-Point Mounted Sprayers
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