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John Deere 680R Loader

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  • Tool-free removal and attachment with just a few, simple steps
  • Frame design that allows for maximum maneuverability
  • Repositioned leveling links for better visibility
  • Automatic Mast Latch system for quick change from loader to three-point implements
Parking mounting system
Save time with single-point hydraulic connection
Single-point hydraulic connection on the 600R Loader
The R-Series Loaders feature a single-point hydraulic connection that saves the operator time when attaching or detaching the loader. This feature also incorporates the connection point for any electrical needs as well as the hydraulic lockout valve. With all hydraulic and electrical connections in one location, installation is quickly completed with the pull of a handle.
NOTE: Before disconnecting the hydraulic connection between the loader and the tractor, it is necessary to release the hydraulic pressure.
Parking mounting system Single-point hydraulic connection (open)

Parking mounting system
Single-point hydraulic connection (closed)
R-Series Loader attach and detach instruction video
Parking mounting system
Improve appearance and reduce damage with concealed oil lines
600R Loader with concealed oil lines
The R-Series Loaders have been redesigned to route the oil lines and hydraulic lines through the boom arm and the torque tube. This internal routing ensures better protection of the lines from external damage and improves the overall appearance of the loader.
Parking mounting system
600R Loader (side view)
Parking mounting system
600R Loader (angle view)
Parking mounting system
Easy loader removal using automatic mast latch
Rear view of 600R Loader
R-Series Loaders are even easier to attach and detach due to the automatic mast latch system. This feature provides efficiency to operations that require frequent loader parking. The automatic mast latch system is a mechanical lever that allows operators to remove or attach the loader with one trip out of the cab. The ease and convenience provided by the automatic mast latch system provides improvement to operation uptime.
Parking mounting system
Automatic mast latch lever
Parking mounting system
Visual lock/unlock indicator
R-Series Loader attach and detach instruction video
Parking mounting system
Easy service with boom lockout
Hydraulic shut-off valve on R-Series Loader
The R-Series Loaders come equipped with a hydraulic shut-off valve to improve servicabiity. When conducting brief service to the loader, close the hydraulic shut-off valve to ensure the loader does not move while operating under the equipment. This feature promotes a safe way to conduct brief maintenance without having to use support stands or removing the loader completely.
Parking mounting system
Faster cycle time for mechanical self-leveling (MSL) Loaders using false rod cylinders
600R Loader working with 6120M Tractor
The MSL R-Series Loaders utilize a false rod cylinder to improve bucket performance. This bucket cylinder is designed with a smaller displacement of oil required on the head end of the cylinder, which allows the cylinder to function more quickly, decreasing operation cycle time. With the false rod cylinder design, loader applications can work more quickly and efficiently.
Parking mounting system
False rod cylinders on 600R Loader


680R Loader
Sale Type
John Deere
176 in. (4.48 m)
5,408 lb (2453 kg)
Boom Breakout Force
Measured at pivot (Y) 3411 kgf 7520 lbf
Dump Angle, Degrees (E)
60 degree (angle)
Maximum Lift Height (A)
4480 mm 176 in
Rollback Angle, Degrees (G)
48 degree (angle)
Lift Capacity At Full Height
Measured at pivot (U) 2453 kg 5408 lb
Bucket Rollback Force Capacity
At ground-level line (ZZ) 4336 kgf 9559 lbf
Clearance At Full Height - Bucket Dumped (C)
3465 mm 136 in.
6175R/M, 6195R/M, 6215R
Rear Tire
2800 mm 110 in.
Front Tire
Pump Capacity
114 L/min 30.1 gpm
Rated Pressure
200 bar 2900 psi Tractor
Front Axle Configuration