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John Deere Hagie™ Nitrogen Toolbar Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

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  • Manage N applications all season long with 72-inch (1.8m) clearance
  • Changeover from boom to toolbar in less than 10 minutes with Quick-Tach option
  • Follow ground contours, even in rolling terrain with pivot points
  • Sidedress with a 30-foot (9.14m) or 40-foot (12.19m) toolbar
  • Compatible on all Hagie STS machines
Hagie™ Nitrogen Toolbar
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John Deere
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Various sizes and configurations available to fit the right machine to any size operationJohn Deere Hagie™ Nitrogen Toolbar Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

The John Deere 2510L offers several different sizes to fit any size operation, big or small.

John Deere GreenStar™ Rate Controller enables one-step integrationJohn Deere Hagie™ Nitrogen Toolbar Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

The 2510L comes standard with a GreenStar Rate Controller enabling full one-step integration of the GreenStar Display with the 2510L liquid system. This integration enables:

  • Automatic rate control
  • Field documentation
  • Map-based prescriptions
  • John Deere Section Control*

System pressure is monitored directly on the GreenStar Display and saves producers from having to monitor a manual gauge or keep it clean while in those dry, dusty fields.

John Deere Section Control reduces overlap, thus lowering input costs. The John Deere 2510L has up to five sections of control depending on size and configuration of the machine.

Hydraulic wing down pressure and flex-hinge design ensures accurate fertilizer placementJohn Deere Hagie™ Nitrogen Toolbar Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

Accurate fertilizer application is vital to increase fertilizer efficiency and effectiveness which will help a producer reach their yield goals. In addition to mainframe down pressure, the 2510L offers hydraulic wing down pressure and a flex-hinged design that ensures accurate fertilizer placement.


The 2510L features hydraulic wing down pressure that applies constant down pressure on the wings to maintain constant depth and application.


The flex hinge allows for 5 degrees up and down on the vertical fold:

  • Ensure constant contact with the ground
  • Increase performance in uneven terrain 
  • Maintain even working depth across the entire working width

Utilize hydraulic wing kick and high-clearance toolbar frame to reduce crop damage

When using side-dress application, an operator’s ability to minimize crop damage during application is paramount. The 2510L comes in base with features such as hydraulic wing kick, single reach tongue, and higher operating clearances that allow operators to reduce that damage and expand that application window.

Hydraulic wing kick

Hydraulic wing kick is a key feature that helps reduce crop damage. No more dipping into the crop and damaging corn when turning. When the operator lifts the toolbar during the turn, the wings will automatically kick up in order to increase its distance from ground to toolbar. This action allows the operator to have increased clearance on the wings, minimizing crop damage.


Unlike some fertilizer applicators with an A-frame tongue, the 2510L features a single reach tongue that is a single tube from the main cart frame to the hitch point. This allows:

  • Sharper turning radius
  • Reduced crop damage
  • Better tractor to implement tracking

Patented compact stealth tank improves machine stability

The 2510L offers an industry-exclusive tank design that gives the operator increased productivity and versatility. This patented compact stealth tank offers:

  • Low center of gravity for increased stability
  • Large trough-sloped sump for maximum cleanout
  • Unique design that allows for operating in various row spacing from 60 in. to 144 in. depending on coulter spacing, tires, and wheels selection

Tank capacity

The large tank capacities and quick cleanout allows the operator to spend more time in the field and less time rinsing. Tank sizes that are offered for the following sizes of applicators:


2510L Vertical-Fold – 9.14 m (30 ft) and 12.2 m (40 ft)

Tank sizes

3974.7 L (1050 gal.)

5110.3 L (1350 gal.)

6813.7 L (1800 gal.)


In order to reduce filling time, the 2510L offers 5.1-cm (2-in.) fill on 3974.7-L and 5110.3-L (1050- and 1350-gal.) tanks and 7.6-cm (3-in.) fill on 6813.7-L and 9085-L (1800- and 2400-gal.) tanks.