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John Deere N560 No-Till Air Drill

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  • Adjust down pressure with TruSet™ In-Cab downforce
  • See the flow of seed & fertilizer from the cab with RelativeFlow™ blockage monitoring
  • Quick Change Blade enhancement of the ProSeries™ Opener reduces change time by up to 45%1
  • Convenient dual-row spacing hydraulics
Sale Type
John Deere
Engine Size
19.05, 25.4 cm 7.5, 10 in.
Overall Length
7.49 m 24.58 ft, in.
18.29 m 60 ft
Number Of Ranks
Transport Width
5.74 m 18.83 ft
Transport Height
5.16 m 16.92 ft

Integration advantages of Deere tractor, cart, tool and technologyJohn Deere N560 No Till Air Drill

To win big in small grains, it takes a seeding solution that superseeds your expectations. John Deere delivers with a complete line of everything you need – and the sizes you want – to seed for success. Air-hoe drills. Commodity air carts. No-till air drills. Openers. Fertilizer attachments. Central commodity systems. Box drills. Plus precision ag technology to stretch your productivity to higher levels. But it’s far more than iron and technology. It’s the exceptional agronomic know-how and unsurpassed dealer support in all phases of production to keep you running. With our latest additions to equipment and openers, our seeding solutions deliver the next-generation performance you need to help you reach the full potential of each seed. That’s our commitment to you.

No-till opener seeding with minimal maintenance from the ProSeries™ OpenerJohn Deere N560 No Till Air Drill

The ProSeries Opener is John Deere’s most advanced opener for your seed and separate fertilizer placement. When it comes to seeding precision, consistent seed depth, and uniform emergence in virtually all field conditions, you can superSEED your expectations with ProSeries.

Two of the three daily grease points were removed. The only remaining grease point is a yearly interval. The narrow seed boot travels behind the shadow of the blade, causing less soil disturbance. When attaching the boot to the shank, the bolt has been replaced with a flag pin. Now the flag pin is the wear point, not the casting, reducing overall maintenance. The seed press wheel is also redesigned; it has a narrow profile, a double-wall bearing, and is made of a flexible material. The quick-change blade feature reduces the time it takes to change each blade, saving time and money. Lastly, the seed tab is UV resistant and profiled similar to the trench. There is also the added option of the serrated closing wheel.

ProSeries Openers are in base equipment on all N500 and N500F Separate Fertilizer Placement (SFP), N500C, 1990 Central Commodity System (CCS™), and 1590 Air Drills.

The ProSeries Openers:

  • Work not only in no-till conditions, but also in minimum or reduced-till conditions
  • Provide 51 mm (2 in.) of free travel in the opener before spring down pressure takes over
    • Benefit: allows the opener to move over uneven ground conditions and minimize the chance of the gauge wheels bulldozing soil in soft or mellow conditions
    • The opener spring travels a maximum of 203-mm (8-in.) up or 150-mm (6-in.) down before the hydraulics react to uneven seedbeds

Confidence in rates from row to row with RelativeFlow™ Blockage sensing

With RelativeFlow Blockage sensing, operators can see the flow of both seed and fertilizer from inside the tractor cab. Sensors on all secondary hoses monitor the relative product flow row to row, giving you a better view of the flow rate of both seed and fertilizer from the cart to the opener from inside your tractor cab. This technology can help you identify any problems before a potential blockage occurs.

RelativeFlow Blockage is available in all run configurations on the following models (all widths):  

  • H500
  • H500F
  • P500
  • P600
  • N500
  • N500F
  • N500C
  • 730LL

RelativeFlow Blockage is compatible with hydraulic drive carts: model year 2014 and newer 1910, all 19,381.5-L (550-bu) 1910 Carts, and C650 and C850 Air Carts.

TruPosition™ standards are consistent seed depth and row spacingJohn Deere N560 No Till Air Drill



That is how John Deere's TruPosition standard may be described. When the seed depth consistency and row spacing integrity are top concerns, this low-maintenance design will not compromise.

This can translate to a more than 5 percent yield increase by maintaining seed depth in tough ground conditions. The no-bolt design means avoiding maintenance costs and damaging downtime down the road.

It has a 51-degree shank.


Seed depth consistency is a function of initial seed placement below the soil surface and displacement of soil over the seed row. When soil throw from the openers is great enough to cover up neighboring seed rows, a harrow is recommended to level the seedbed and equalize displaced soil over all seed rows prior to packing.

Equipping an H500 with the optional two-bar harrow helps level the seedbed before packing, ensuring an even distribution of soil over all seed rows. Adjustments include both vertical and tine-pitch, allowing the operator to set the harrow for the level of aggressiveness needed to level the seedbed.
NOTE: Not recommended for seeding into surface residue levels exceeding 35 percent.
NOTE: Harrow is not compatible with H500F.

  1. Disturbed soil packed over seed row with 14-cm (5.5-in.) semi-pneumatic packer.
  2. 25.4 cm (10 in.)
  3. Tilled soil
  4. Seed-placed phosphorus
  5. Seed-placed nitrogen
  6. Seed
  7. 17.8 cm (7 in.)
  8. Seed floor created by sweep

The seeding profile behind an H500 equipped with a harrow and sweeps will look similar to the image on the left. A flat seed floor with seed distributed over 50 percent of the row spacing for 25.4-cm (10-in.) configurations using the Perma-Loc™ boot and sweep.

Improve seed placement accuracy from the cab with TruSet™ downforce controlJohn Deere N560 No Till Air Drill John Deere N560 No Till Air Drill

TruSet downforce allows operators to set downforce pressures from inside the cab. Downforce can easily be changed by the push of a button as soil conditions vary. Proper downforce is directly related to a consistent seeding depth, which leads to improved even emergence, plant density, and maturity. The range of downforce adjustability begins at 74.8 kg (165 lb) and tops out at 181.4 kg (400 lb).

Exclusive TruSet downforce control has taken adjustability on no-till John Deere seeding tools to a whole new level. Rather than using a valve on the tool, pressure control dials on the monitor let operators make incremental adjustments conveniently from the Gen 4 display inside the tractor cab. This also saves time and makes it easier to adapt to changing field conditions.

Seeding tool compatibility:

  • N500
  • N500F

NOTE : It is recommended that 15.2-m and 18.3-m (50-ft and 60-ft) machines use power beyond to run TruSet.

Display compatibility:

  • Gen 4 displays
  • GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display

Competitive tractors do not require add-on components for TruSet to function properly.