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John Deere 2680H High Performance Disk

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  • Cover more acres at 16-22.5 km/h
  • Mix and bury residue for faster breakdown
  • Individually mounted blades
  • Provides a consistent field finish in spring or fall
  • Now compatible with TruSet™ technology
Sale Type
John Deere
Engine Size
Blade Spacing
25.4 cm 10 in.
Working Depth
5.1 to 15.2 cm 2 to 6 in.
Working Width
3.56 m 11.67 ft
Transport Width
3.83 m 12.58 ft
Transport Height
3.07 m 10.08 ft
Horsepower Per Ft
10.4 kW or more 14 hp or more

Wide range of working widths available to match acreage and power requirementsJohn Deere 2680H High Performance Disk

The 2680H High-Performance Disk gives operators the ability to cover acres quickly, increasing their productivity. This two-season tool can operate up to 22.5 km/h (14 mph) in field.

This tool is available in fifteen configurations from 2.4 m to 13.7 m (8 ft to 45 ft). The 2680H requires 34.25 kW/m (14 hp/ft), but in certain hilly, soft, or wet conditions it may require an additional 25 percent engine horsepower to maintain operating speeds at preferred working depth.



Individually mounted bladesJohn Deere 2680H High Performance Disk

The 2680H High-Performance Disk features individually mounted blades. These blades, supported by rubber torsion elements, can travel up to 22.9 cm (9 in.) while passing over an obstruction, like a rock. This allows the rest of the tool to remain engaged and continue working, allowing for better ground contour.

To also follow ground contour, wings on the three-section machines flex to stay engaged on hilly or terraced ground.

Blades are also easy to replace. Rather than having to remove an entire gang, just replace an individual blade.

Rear attachment options to match the operationJohn Deere 2680H High Performance Disk

Producers can choose from three rear attachment options to match their operation. Options include a cage roller, spring roller, and rubber roller.

The cage roller is the most versatile option. Choose this rear attachment if the primary application is fall tillage. It works in all soil types and conditions and has a diameter of 64.8 cm (25.5 in.).

The spring roller is the most specialized. It works in light/medium soils and can provide a level seedbed with additional firming. Individually mounted tines work to prevent plugging of the roller. Avoid using it in rocky ground. It has a diameter of 62.2 cm (24.5 in.).

The rubber roller is best for firming and preparing a seedbed in the spring. It works best in lighter drier soils where a firm finish and anchored residue is a primary concern. This rear attachment works in most soil types and features a hydraulically adjustable scraper. It has a diameter of 63.5 cm (25 in.).

TruSet™ Tillage provides precise control from the cab on the go

TruSet allows for adjustments from the cab

Integrated TruSet Tillage technology enables 2680H operators to respond to changing field conditions such as varying soils, heavier residue, and moisture by adjusting depth while on the go.


With short windows of time to perform tillage operations, TruSet can provide significant productivity improvements as operators can adjust the 2680H with the push of a button while covering acres. By responding to conditions as they change throughout the field, TruSet enables operators to generate a better-quality tillage performance with the first pass.

In addition to controlling depth, the tilt and fold SCVs are automatically set to float with TruSet engaged. This feature eliminates the need for the operator to manually place these SCVs in float, preventing machine damage.

Tillage documentation and prescription functionality included with TruSet™ Tillage

With integrated TruSet Tillage technology, 2680H operators can incorporate documentation and prescription functionality into their tillage operations. The tillage documentation feature gives producers the ability to capture and analyze the 2680H pass for additional coverage of the crop production cycle. Prescription functionality allows producers to ensure their tillage operations are executed correctly, optimizing their investment in preparing for the next crop.

Operators can document data for the depth of their 2680H. By creating an as-applied map based off of global positioning system (GPS) data for the job performed by each functional area on the implement, TruSet enables producers to document their tillage passes then later review and analyze the data for future agronomic decisions.

Additionally, the Prescription Creator by Agrian® company (a connected partner tool through the John Deere Operations Center™ application) enables producers to create prescriptions for each functional area on the 2680H. Data from previous yields, soil surveys, or freehand drawing tools can be used to create prescriptions that command the implement to the desired depth for optimum agronomic results.

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