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John Deere 2730 Combination Ripper

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  • Adjust depth in six seconds on the go
  • In-cab control of each functional area
  • 1/10th-in. (2.5-mm) accuracy
  • Expanded tractor compatibility
Sale Type
John Deere
Engine Size
Working Width
Option 1: 4.3 m 14 ft Option 2: 5.5 m 18 ft Option 3: 5.5 m Option 4: 6.7 m 22 ft Option 5: 7.9 m 26 ft
Operating Speed
8-11.3 km/h 5-7 mph
Transport Width
Option 1: Individual blades: 6.1 m 19.9 ft Disk gangs: 5.7 m 18.8 ft Option 2: Individual blades: 6.9 m 22.5 ft Disk gangs: 6.9 m 22.5 ft Option 3: Individual blades: 5.7 m 18.8 ft Disk gangs: 5.8 m 19.1 ft Option 4: Individual blades: 5.6 m 18.3 ft Disk gangs: 5.7 m 18.7 ft Option 5: Individual blades: 5.6 m 18.3 ft Disk gangs: 5.6 m 18.3 ft
Maximum Operating Depth
40.6 cm 16 in.
Horsepower Required Per Standard
25.1-41 kW 34-55 hp

Variety of working and transport widths available to meet producer needs

The 2730 Combination Ripper is available in five machine configurations:

  • 7S24 – seven-standard rigid frame with 610-mm (24-in.) spacing
  • 9S24 – nine-standard rigid frame with 610-mm (24-in.) spacing
  • 9S24 – nine-standard folding frame with 610-mm (24-in.) spacing
  • 11S24 – 11-standard folding frame with 610-mm (24-in.) spacing
  • 13S24 – 13-standard folding frame with 610-mm (24-in.) spacing

The 7.9-m (26-ft) 2730 delivers a 44 percent increase in productivity over the largest 5.5-m (18-ft) John Deere 2700 Mulch Ripper. The 2730 fits into a tillage system that includes the following secondary tillage tools:

  • 2230 Field Cultivator
  • 2330 Mulch Finisher
  • 2630 Series Disks
  • 2660VT Variable Tillage tool

The ability to set the true width of the 2730 into the track spacing setting on the GreenStar display delivers a 6 percent increase in productivity, allowing the operator to cover more acres in the same amount of time versus the competition. The true width is achieved through additional disk blades along with their tapered design to ensure consistent coverage and a level finish across the entire tillage pass.

Internal basket scrapersJohn Deere 2730 Combination Ripper

The internal basket scraper allows for a uniform field finish in wet conditions because the baskets do not need to be raised out of ground to avoid plugging and can stay in the ground 100 percent of the time.

This is available as an option for the knife-edge basket.

Multifunctional implement for single-pass primary tillageJohn Deere 2730 Combination Ripper

The 2730 is a combination ripper that integrates four operational areas into one system. These four areas consist of disk blades, ripper shanks, rear closing disks, and finishing attachments. The ability to customize these components quickly, conveniently, and  independently offers reduced cost of operation and maximum productivity.

The disk blades eliminate the need for multiple residue sizing passes into one single pass that reduces surface residue levels by 60 to 80 percent. The 2730’s ability to mix and bury more residue leads to faster soil warming in the spring all while reducing negative impacts of disease and insect pressure.

The ripper shanks accomplish full hardpan fracture across the entire soil profile with their 610-mm (24-in.) spacing to create a porous air and water environment for root development. Along with the ripper shank’s side-to-side spacing, it also features a 1270-mm (50-in.) fore-aft spacing that improves residue disbursement and contributes to the machines nearly plug-proof performance.

With TruSet™ or manual adjustment, the operator can set this system to leave a uniformly mounded profile covering each ripper track, or it can be adjusted to obtain a smooth, level surface ideal for minimum preparation for the next spring’s seedbed. With the walking tandem action, the closing system can follow the contour of the ground and eliminate plugs leading to a more consistent finish.

To achieve optimal field levelness and clod sizing, the operator can control the finishing attachment with in-cab, hydraulic controls. The finishing attachments can be set to constant down pressure, float, or in wet field conditions, rise completely out of the ground. This ensures the seedbed is best prepared for the least amount of pre-plant seedbed tillage passes before planting.

Typical percentage of residue cover remaining from the 2730 Combination Ripper is listed in the table below. These percentages do not consider variables such as the conditions of the residue, speed, and soil type.

NOTE: Percentages assume disk blades are operating at 152 mm (6 in.) of depth.

TruSet™ provides precise depth and pressure control from the cab on the goJohn Deere 2730 Combination Ripper

In just six seconds, 2730 Combination Ripper operators can manage their changing field conditions by making on-the-go adjustments for the entire implement from the tractor cab. TruSet enables users to adjust depths for the disks, rippers, and closing disks, and adjust the pressure on the active hydraulic rolling baskets – all while covering acres.

As conditions change throughout the field, operators running the 2730 with TruSet can quickly and efficiently respond to varying soils, compacted areas, heavier residue, and moisture. Making customized adjustments that respond to these agronomic factors help customers maximize their yield potential.

Adjusting the 2730 Combination Ripper with TruSet can be done up to 200 times faster than the manual adjustment process using single-point depth control and cylinder stops. With short windows to perform tillage work, that critical time savings could be the difference in getting fields worked or not.

Operators no longer must sacrifice machine performance by deciding to forgo manual adjustments throughout the field. At the touch of a button, TruSet users can quickly respond to changing conditions such as running deeper over end rows or shallower on hilltops and lighter soils. TruSet users can optimize their 2730 depth adjustments to maximize tractor performance for more efficient fuel use, and lower overall operating costs.

TruSet also add precision to tillage operations. The system offers depth accuracy of 2.5 mm (0.1 in.) and more than doubles the number of depth setting increments on the 2730 Combination Ripper. This finite level of control enables 2730 operators to create the ideal soil structure, and evenly size and distribute residue for maximum yield potential.

TruSet is standard on all 2730 Combination Rippers. Single-point depth control is also installed on every 2730 equipped with TruSet for ultimate flexibility.


This advanced tillage technology, available exclusively from John Deere, provides operators with real-time knowledge of the settings for each functional area on the implement. With a working tillage width of up to 7.9 m (26 ft) on the 2730, consistent tillage performance can be easily obtained from front to back across all four functional areas of this machine.

Both the set points entered by the user and the actual running depth or pressure for each area on the implement can be easily referenced for assurance of desired tillage outcomes. Once actual set point is validated and configured to the display in the cab, operators can make independent adjustments to the disks, rippers, or closing disks with accuracy within one tenth of an inch. Four memory set points enable operators to save different combinations of settings for their most common field conditions.

The independent adjustability of each area on the 2730 helps ensure TruSet users are efficiently managing residue and creating the ideal soil structure. By responding to conditions as they change throughout the field, TruSet operators generate better-quality tillage performance with the first pass.


TruSet is compatible with John Deere and competitive tractors. The following chart identifies the components needed to operate TruSet on a 2730 Combination Ripper with a GreenStar™ Ready tractor.

Like the TruSet Tillage System, the compatibility kit will be available as a field-installed option that can be ordered with the 2730 or through aftermarket parts. The compatibility kit includes an implement add-on valve and installation components.

All model years of the 2730 can be retrofitted with TruSet.

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  • TruSet simulator

Compatibility kit enables TruSet™ on competitive tractors and older John Deere tractorsJohn Deere 2730 Combination Ripper

Adding the TruSet compatibility kit to the TruSet Tillage system enables operators of competitive tractors and older John Deere tractors to adjust their depth and pressure settings on the go from the cab.

With the TruSet compatibility kit, TruSet can be run on the following GreenStar™ system-ready tractors:

  • John Deere 20 Series Tractors and older
  • Competitive tractors

Like the TruSet Tillage system, the compatibility kit is available as a field-installed option that can be ordered with the 2730 Combination Ripper or through aftermarket parts. The compatibility kit includes an implement add-on valve and installation components.

All model years of 2730 can be retrofitted with TruSet. The following chart identifies the components needed to equip TruSet on a 2730 with a GreenStar ready tractor.

Hydraulically adjustable 660-mm (26-in.) disk bladesJohn Deere 2730 Combination Ripper

The 2730's large 660-mm (26-in.) disk blades are hydraulically adjustable and are set in a tandem-type configuration. The disks are available in either individual disk blades or gang-type configuration. The front and rear blades are set at an 18-degree angle on either 460-mm (18-in.) spacing for individual or 280-mm (11-in.) spacing for gang to provide an aggressive disking action.

The disks can be adjusted in-cab to be raised completely out of the ground or lowered to a maximum in-ground depth of 203 mm (8 in.). The disk blades operate in constant down-pressure, and the optimal operating depth can be set from the cab with TruSet™ or manually using stop collars on the hydraulic cylinder. The ability to independently adjust the front disks based on varying conditions allows the operator to optimize desired residue sizing and mixing.

The larger disks are designed of high-quality steel and made from a manufacturing process for extended performance provide the following benefits:

  • Size and bury residue
  • Level the soil profile
  • Mix the surface residue
  • Give full-width tillage up to 200 mm (8 in.) deep
  • Reduce blade wear

Walk-Over tandem wheels offer maximum support, stability, and flotationJohn Deere 2730 Combination Ripper

Walk-Over tandem wheels with larger tire options offer maximum support, stability, and flotation in the field. The staggered wheel design provides additional room for residue flow and obstacles all while providing a consistent working depth in uneven ground.

The Walk-Over tandem mainframe wheels come equipped with 57-mm (2.25-in.) plug-in spindles and eight-bolt hubs on the seven-standard models configured with VF320/70R15 mainframe tires, and 79-mm (3.125-in.) plug-in spindles and ten-bolt hubs on the seven-, nine-, 11-, and 13-standard models configured with either the 445/50R22.5 or 550/45-22.5 mainframe tires. The 11- and 13-standard models feature an active-hydraulic wing wheel to ensure a consistent operating depth with uniform leveling. These active-hydraulic wing wheels allow the 2730 machine to better follow the contour of the land versus rigid-mounted wing wheels on competitive models.

With the option to upgrade to the market’s largest 10-bolt hub, heavy-duty 445/50R22.5 or high-flotation 550/45-22.5 tires on all models, the weight of the machine is evenly transferred to the ground to ensure stable transport and operation. All mainframe tires available produce maximum flotation and durability for in-field performance with 33 percent more tire-to-ground engagement than the competition.

Fore-aft ripper shank spacing delivers improved residue flowJohn Deere 2730 Combination Ripper

The 2730 delivers improved residue flow by increasing the overall frame length and underframe clearance along with the fore-aft spacing of the ripper shanks.

The 1270-mm (50-in.) fore-aft spacing maximizes residue disbursement, and 953 mm (37.5 in.) of underframe clearance contributes to the machine's nearly plug-proof performance. The 2730 features 610-mm (24-in.) side-to-side spacing that accomplishes full hardpan fracture across the entire soil profile to create a porous air and water environment for root development and plant nutrient uptake.

For added durability and increased soil penetration, the 2730 boasts the largest and heaviest frame in the industry. The overall weight of each model ensures consistent machine performance. In high residue areas, 953 mm (37.5 in.) of underframe clearance results in reduced plugging and increased residue flow to maintain productivity and uptime.

Maintenance-free components reduce downtimeJohn Deere 2730 Combination Ripper

Sealed, maintenance-free individual hub bearings on the 2730 Combination Ripper results in reduced downtime for the operator.

The sealed hub bearings increase productivity by reducing the amount of time needed to service the 2730 before operation and allowing operators to spend more of their valuable time in the field. The maintenance-free bearings have been extensively field tested to stand up in tough conditions, providing longer bearing life and reduced wear.

The 2730 employs a high-density polymer liner that allows the bearings to dynamically align the shaft in rough field conditions. The cast-bearing housing also allows for additional protection with the bearing wear guard built-in, which leads to increased reliability.

The 2730 features 78 percent fewer grease points than major competitors resulting in less, time-extensive maintenance and improving field productivity by up to 3 ha (7.5 acres) per day.

Achieve desired field finish with hydraulically adjustable finishing attachmentsJohn Deere 2730 Combination Ripper

The 2730 comes equipped with the optional hydraulically adjustable finishing attachments to achieve the desired field finish. The hydraulic rolling baskets can be set to three hydraulically controlled positions from the comfort of the cab. The heavy-duty coil tine harrow is rigid mounted to the frame and depth adjustments are made according to the rear closing disk system. Based on field finish needs, the 2730 less harrow option is also available.

The finishing attachments come in a knife-edge or coil tine configuration and prepares field for a reduced amount of secondary tillage passes before planting. Below are the benefits of each attachment:

  • Knife edge – better option in heavier, wet soils. Recommended basket for rocky soil types.
  • Heavy-duty coil tine harrow – preferred finishing attachment in heavy, poorly drained soils.

The rolling baskets can be hydraulically set to three different operating positions based on field conditions:

  1. Down pressure – a gauge on the front of the 2730 allows operators to set basket down pressure to ensure constant ground contact. Down pressure also allows for better sizing of slabs, clods, and root balls and will leave a level soil profile.
  2. Float – the baskets can be put in the float position using the selective control valve (SCV) on the tractor. This allows the weight of the basket to roll over the ground.
  3. Raised – the baskets can be lifted off the ground when encountering a wet area of the field to help eliminate any chance of plugging.

The active hydraulic down-pressure system allows the operator to increase the down pressure on finishing attachments up to 8274 kPa (1200 psi). Adjustments are made with a dial located next to the gauge. Down pressure should be set using the gauge and operated from the cab.

EquipmentPlus mobile application helps with implement setup and operation

The EquipmentPlus mobile application from John Deere is available on Apple® and Android™ smartphones. This application is a user-friendly system for operators to work their way through the initial recommended 2730 machine setup to optimize machine performance.

EquipmentPlus features a maintenance section and a notes section with photo functionality to give operators a premium experience when setting their machines. EquipmentPlus is also a great guide to use for settings and adjustments as field conditions differ to document changes made throughout the tillage season.

  • Optimize operating settings
  • Efficient machine setup
  • Reduced power consumption through correct machine setup

EquipmentPlus is an impactful resource that can be used in addition to the operator’s manual settings guide that comes standard with all John Deere tillage equipment. EquipmentPlus is available on Apple App Store® and through Google Play™.

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