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John Deere 2430 Chisel Plow

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  • Hydraulically-adjusted knife-edge rolling basket with internal scraper
  • Adjust shank depth and rolling basket down-pressure on-the-go with exclusive TruSet™ technology
  • Radial tires improve flotation and transport
  • New rear hitch adjusts side-to-side for easier hookups
Sale Type
John Deere
Engine Size
Miles Per Hour
8 to 11.3 km/h 5 to 7 mph
Maximum Operating Depth
Rigid, TruPosition: max: 20.32 cm 8 in. Spring-reset TruDepth: max: 30.5 cm 12 in.
Working Widths Rigid Frame
Option 1 3.56 to 5.28 m 11.67 to 17.33 ft 3.05 to 5.49 m 10 to 18 ft

TruSet™ Tillage technologyJohn Deere 2430 Chisel Plow

The 2430 Chisel Plow is designed for precise, accurate depth control. Precise depth control is very important for conservation of moisture, fertilizer placement, and soil management. Soil layers of differing soil type vary across farms and even across fields. The ability to adjust for these conditions is extremely important to producers today.

TruSet and single-point depth control both come as standard equipment. Both provide accurate depth control to best utilize available tractor horsepower.

With TruSet, these adjustments can be done on the move, increasing productivity and making the day go easier for operators. TruSet provides accurate and precise depth control using individual wheel sensors and electronic circuitry to perform tasks of leveling and depth measurements unprecedented in the industry until now. Accurate depth is displayed to the nearest 2.5 mm (1/10 in.).

The floating hitch, frame strength of the Tube-Thru-Tube manufacturing, and the wheel package placement allow the 2430 to offer unmatched consistency of depth (front-to-back and side-to-side). Fuel can be saved, soil can be mixed and shattered, and accurate depth can be maintained. This represents true soil management for the producer.


TruSet Side-to-Side gives producers the same level of individual section control that was available with AccuDepth™ hydraulics. However, there are differences in how the two systems are hydraulically plumbed.

The AccuDepth hydraulics required a correction valve on every frame section since the hydraulics were plumbed in parallel. The TruSet system is plumbed into a single-point (series) system.

The series hydraulics give producers the option of controlling depth with just the single-point depth control valve or individually controlling each frame section with a correction valve mounted at the base of each depth control cylinder on the wings. The individual section control with TruSet Side-to-Side is an upgrade to the base TruSet Tillage system.

TruSet Side-to-Side is controlled by five sensors compared to one sensor with the base TruSet Tillage system. With the five-sensor control, the implement can make depth control adjustments via sensor feedback on the wings.

TruSet Side-to-Side eliminates the need to rephase the depth control cylinders after several rounds in the field. However, it does require another step when calibrating.


With integrated TruSet Tillage technology, operators can incorporate documentation and prescription functionality into their tillage operations. The tillage documentation feature will give producers the ability to capture and analyze the pass for additional coverage of the crop production cycle. Prescription functionality provides producers the capability to ensure their tillage operations are executed correctly, optimizing their investment in preparing for the next crop.

Operators can document data for the depth of their sweeps along with rolling basket down pressure. By creating an as-applied map based off of global positioning system (GPS) data for the job performed by each functional area on the implement, TruSet enables producers to document their tillage passes then later review and analyze the data for future agronomic decisions.

Additionally, the Prescription Creator by Agrian® company, a connected partner tool through the John Deere Operations Center, enables producers to create prescriptions for each functional area. Data from previous yields, soil surveys, or freehand drawing tools can be used to create prescriptions that will command the implement to the desired depth and pressure settings for optimum agronomic results.

Strong mainframe withstands demanding field conditionsJohn Deere 2430 Chisel Plow

Radial tires reduce compaction points while operating in the field and minimize downtime caused by tire failures both in the field and during transportation. Radial mainframe tires now come in base equipment and can be an option on the wings. With a wider tire plate and lower inflation pressure, radial tires have a larger contact area with the ground to help minimize compaction.

Finishing componentsJohn Deere 2430 Chisel Plow

The 2430 offers different rear attachment options to meet the unique agronomic needs of each producer. Producers have a choice of two rear attachments on the 2430 Chisel Plow.


The knife-edge rolling basket for the 2430 Chisel Plow is made of hardened steel and handles rock strikes and adverse conditions well. The ease of down pressure adjustability allows the tool to adapt to changing field conditions. The internal basket scraper allows for a uniform field finish in wet conditions because baskets do not need to be raised out of the ground to avoid plugging; they can remain in the ground 100 percent of the time.

The John Deere 2430 Chisel Plow offers an active hydraulic rolling basket that gives the operator wide-ranging adjustability for a variety of conditions. The drawbars and rolling basket on the rear harrow are built with strength in mind for the demanding fall conditions. The system was designed to have the ability to run the rolling baskets in three different positions to finish and level the soil:

  • Raised: allows the operator to raise the rolling baskets in harsh, muddy conditions
  • Float: allows the operator to float the rolling baskets to lightly fluff soil
  • Apply down pressure: allows the operator to adjust the basket pressure to provide consistent contact with the ground, provides a firm seedbed, and shatters root balls

The hydraulic rolling basket is offered with the knife-edge basket, which is the best for heavier, wet soil.


The 240 Coil-Tine Chisel Plow Harrow is designed specifically for the 2430 Chisel Plows. Harrow performance has grown increasingly important over the last few years as soil profile finish and residue-handling capability are on the top of the list for producers. Both attributes are standouts on this heavy harrow.

Variety of models and sizes availableJohn Deere 2430 Chisel Plow

The 2430 Chisel Plow is available in rigid and rigid fold, three-section folding, and five-section folding frame models.

Excellent residue-handling capabilityJohn Deere 2430 Chisel Plow

The 2430 Chisel Plow has excellent residue-handling capability in primary tillage at all residue levels.

Typical percentages of residue cover remaining from the 2430 are listed in the following table. The percentages do not consider variables such as the condition of the residue, speed, and soil type.

*Non-fragile residue includes crops like corn, sorghum, wheat than 1585.8 L [45 bu]).

**Fragile residue includes crops like soybeans, edible beans, peas, wheat (under 1585.8 L [45 bu]), sunflower, peanuts, and cotton.

Proven frame constructionJohn Deere 2430 Chisel Plow

Operators are requiring faster field working speeds, larger implements, and tractors because of a dramatic increase in farm size. The market is asking for and receiving tractors with more torque, more weight, and more horsepower. 

Accommodating 600 engine horsepower tractors requires more from implement frame and hitch components, including thicker frame tubes, additional diagonal bracing, and frame gussets. 

The frame is constructed of continuous 102-mm x 102-mm (4-in. x 4-in.) cross members inserted through 51-mm x 152-mm (2-in. x 6-in.), 76-mm x 152-mm (3-in. x 6-in.), and 102-mm x 152-mm (4-in. x 6-in.) fore-aft members. The mainframe boasts a structure made up of 102-mm x 152-mm (4-in. x 6-in.) fore-aft tubes.

The large frame member sizes, joint welds, and wheel module placement adds to the structural integrity, providing a stable front-to-rear and side-to-side operation.


  • Consistent operating depth

  • Level operation
  • Restricts frame dip

Walk-Over wheels help provide consistent working depthJohn Deere 2430 Chisel Plow

Walk-Over wheels provide a consistent working depth in uneven ground for level seedbeds and complete weed control.

The staggered wheel design provides extra room for residue flow, obstacles, and transport stability.

Wide variety of ground-engaging tools available

A wide variety of tools such as sweeps, chisels, and twisted shovels are available for the operator to maintain surface residue and ground profile under varying weather and soil conditions.

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