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John Deere 9RX 640 Tractor

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  • Engine HP1: 691 Max/ 640 hp Rated
  • Fully integrated precision ag technology
  • e18™ PowerShift transmission
  • 120-inch track spacing option
  • JD14X (13.6L) Engine
9RX 640 Tractor
Sale Type
John Deere
Engine Size
Standard: Hydraulic power steering Optional: ActiveCommand Steering (ACS™)
Fuel Tank
1514 L 400 U.S. gal.
Rated Speed
2100 rpm
SCV Control
Battery Options
12 V
Drawbar Category
Category 4 or Category 5
Engine Description
JD14 (B20 diesel compatible)
Engine Displacement
13.6 L 827 cu in.
Country Of Manufacture
Rated PTO Power (hp SAE)
249 kW 335 hp
Front Axle Differential Lock
Full-locking electrohydraulic
Interval For Engine Oil Change
500 hours
John Deere 9RX 640 Tractor

9 Series Visibility packages let you run with confidence, dawn until dusk

isibility is more than just lighting. It’s mirrors where you need them, shades for the blinding late-fall and early-spring sun, wipers to help keep all the glass clear, and integrated camera capability. The new 9 Series Tractors let you choose the visibility package that best suits your needs Select, Premium, or Ultimate with 360-degree light-emitting diode (LED) lighting so you and your operators can run with all-conditions confidence.

*Convenience lights illuminate the corners of the cab for easier entry and exit.

** Starting with model year 2022, the Ultimate Visibility package is camera ready.

In the field or on the road: adjust steering ratio on-the-go with ActiveCommand Steering (ACS™)John Deere 9RX 640 Tractor

You don’t have to compromise between pinpoint turns in the field and smooth, easy steering during transport – you can have it all with ActiveCommand Steering (ACS), available on all 9R and 9RX Tractors.

ACS lets you choose your steering ratio based on the task at hand. For precise headland maneuvers in the field, choose a tight 3.5 turns lock-to-lock. When you’re done in the field, ACS gives you a full five turns for smoother line-holding during road transport. Variable-effort resistance automatically changes with ground speed; you’ll notice a lighter touch during low-speed, in-field turns, and increased feedback at transport speeds for more comfortable, confident steering over the road. Plus, ACS works seamlessly with AutoTrac™ guidance systems and is compatible with wide and narrow section width tires as well as wide and narrow belts on 9RX models.

The end result? Reduced overall steering effort and fatigue, no drift and no backlash through the hand-wheel, all with the “connected” feel of a traditional steering column system


John Deere 9RX 640 Tractor John Deere integrated solutions: a world of connected technology, right from the factory

John Deere makes it easy for you to access an entire suite of connected applications, all designed to help you make the most of every seed, every hour, every gallon, and every bit of machine-related information.

Each 9 Series Tractor comes standard with the John Deere StarFire™ 6000 Integrated Receiver and Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display; there’s no need for setup, installation, or initial global positioning system (GPS) calibration. Integrated AutoTrac™ assisted steering gives you accurate, scalable guidance for low-stress operation in nearly any conditions and can improve field efficiency by 10 percent or more. The 9 Series Tractors also feature standard JDLink™ telematics and users can turn on connectivity in the John Deere Operations Center for anytime, anywhere access to critical machine and field information. And every tractor comes from the factory with John Deere Connected Support™, so you and your dealer can anticipate and address critical system needs.
From here? The sky’s the limit. Choose any of our operation-specific applications to help maximize efficiency and productivity during planting, tillage, or other field activities.

*NOTE: Ordering is temporarily unavailable for the StarFire 6000 Integrated Receiver. John Deere is diligently working to resolve this issue. Please watch the Price Pages and the announcements in the Sales Manual for updates. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Work at your best with 9 Series Comfort and Convenience packages

John Deere 9RX 640 Tractor

When you’re spending dozens of hours per week in the cab, a comfortable operating environment isn’t just an option the right features, in the right places, let you and your operators work at your best, dawn to dusk and beyond.

The 7, 8, and 9 Series Tractors offer three Comfort and Convenience packages to fit your needs: Select, Premium, and Ultimate. But regardless of which package you choose, you’ll still get the John Deere CommandARM console that puts critical controls within easy reach. You’ll get all the storage space you need for drinks, meals, and other stowable items. And you’ll have plenty of outlets to keep your electronics powered.

A range of hydraulic options give you the power and flexibility to take on your toughest applications

John Deere 9RX 640 Tractor

Of course, the 9 Series has the hydraulic muscle you need to push, pull, lift, and power your most demanding implements. But thanks to a range of enhancements to the hydraulic system, these tractors can provide that power at lower engine speeds, saving you fuel while still giving your implements the capacity they need. Regardless of model or configuration, the new 9 Series hydraulic system gives you:

  • An increase of almost 40 percent in charge pump capacity, from 54-cc to 75-cc, to help maintain a higher flow at lower engine speeds
  • A new swash plate angle sensor to monitor hydraulic flow and pressure and adjust engine speed to meet demand
  • An integrated hydraulic pump, filter, and priority valve for fewer and shorter lines, reduced pressure loss, fewer flow restrictions, and an extra level of reliability

And if you depend on implements that need continuous hydraulic power, the 9 Series Tractors are available with Intelligent Power Management (IPM). Using dual pumps and advanced sensor and control technology, IPM provides additional engine and hydraulic power for high-demand applications like air seeding up and over hills or through thick, tough soil.

Add in single and dual pump options and a flexible number rear SCVs, and you can configure a powerful, fuel-efficient hydraulic system to meet the demands of your specific operation without paying for capacity you don’t need.

The new 9 Series: Easy to run, easy to maintain

John Deere 9RX 640 Tractor

When you’re trying to get a field planted before weather moves in, there’s no time to hit a scheduled maintenance interval or get smacked with an unexpected repair. That’s why we designed the 9 Series for maximum reliability and less in-season maintenance.

To start, we simplified as many systems as possible, using components common to other tractor lines and minimizing potential downtime due to parts availability. Then we eliminated as many potential pain points as possible through changes in the cooling, aftertreatment, and diagnostic systems, including:

  • Replacing the fan drive system with a maintenance-free hydraulic fan drive
  • Streamlining aftertreatment with a single-canister inline system that’s simpler and features fewer parts
  • Improving uptime by adding better descriptions to diagnostic codes and offering predictive diagnostics through John Deere Expert Alerts
  • A front-left service panel for easier access to engine oil check and fill points;
  • Offering a 500-hour oil change interval on the John Deere JD14 (13.6L/827-cu in.) Final Tier 4 (FT4) engine when using approved John Deere oil and filter.

Tackle any terrain with a variety of undercarriage configurationsJohn Deere 9RX 640 Tractor

• Available
--- Not available

John Deere offers a variety of track widths and track spacings to fit the needs of your operation. The narrow undercarriage is great for row crop applications and can be ordered with track spacings of 203.2 cm (80 in.), 223.5 cm (88 in.), or 304.8 cm (120 in.). The wide undercarriage is ideal for tillage and seeding applications and is available with 223.5-cm (88-in.) or 304.8-cm (120-in.) track spacing.

9RX Tractors equipped with 76.2-cm (30-in.) and 91.4-cm (36-in.) tracks can be equipped with industry-exclusive, factory-installed track spacing set at 304.8-cm (120-in).


9RX Tractors equipped with 304.8-cm (120-in.) track spacing provide increased stability, allow producers to operate on 304.8-cm (120-in.) centers for controlled traffic farming, and provide improved track-to-frame clearance for better access to the undercarriage for serviceability and material cleanout. John Deere is the first and only tractor manufacturer to offer a 304.8-cm (120-in.) track spacing option on four-track tractors with 76.2-cm (30-in.) and 91.4-cm (36-in.) tracks up to 462.3 kW (620 hp).

9RX Tractors with 304.8-cm (120-in.) track spacing increase space between the undercarriage and chassis to provide more space for performing daily and routine maintenance tasks.